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Tuition and Financial Aid

Education is an Investment in Yourself

Earning your degree online from the University of Colorado is a great way to invest in yourself, your career, and your future. CU Online delivers the same high-quality degree programs offered on our campuses, in an online format designed for working professionals, busy parents, and anyone who needs the flexibility to learn in a way that fits their lifestyle.

Featuring more than 70 online degree programs and certificates, you’ll have access to the same award-winning faculty, curriculum, and networking opportunities that make the University of Colorado a nationally-recognized university and a trusted name in education by employers worldwide.

Education is an Investment in Your Future

CU Online Tuition

The cost of tuition will vary based on the degree program you select.

Please view the program page for your program of interest to get an accurate cost per credit hour. Just like on campus, there are a variety of factors that may influence the cost per credit hour and the total cost of tuition including degree level (undergraduate or graduate), where you live (in-state or out-of-state), home campus, and the college or school offering your degree program of choice. Additional online, department, and application fees may also apply.

Online Bachelor's Degree Programs

Online Master's Degree Programs

Online Doctorate Degree Programs

Let’s Make it Simple

If you’ve visited the program page and still have questions, the best way to get all the details about your program, including an accurate accounting of total tuition is to contact our Enrollment Team. Speaking or texting with our Enrollment Team is a free, fast, and no pressure opportunity to get all your questions answered. You can even schedule an appointment at a time that works best for you.

Transfer and Part-Time Students

One of the best parts of pursuing your degree online is that you can continue working while you’re enrolled. Better yet, you may be able to rollover existing college credits towards your desired degree and graduate sooner. That gives you credit for work you’ve already done and means you can graduate sooner.

The best way to determine how many of your credits are available for transfer is to contact an Enrollment Navigator who can help guide you through the process.

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Financial aid

Financial Aid

One of the most common ways students pay for higher education is with Federal Student Aid or Financial Aid. Financial aid is available for eligible students to use toward paying educational costs while enrolled in an online program at the University of Colorado. To determine eligibility and apply for financial aid you must fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Once you submit your application you will be considered for three types of financial aid: grants, work-study, and student loans. Separate application forms are not required to be considered for these types of aid. You must apply early and annually to be considered.

Need-based financial aid eligibility is determined by the FAFSA and the availability of funding. You must qualify each year to receive need-based awards. Need-based awards include grants, work-study, the Federal Subsidized Direct Loan, and the Federal Perkins loan. For the most part, a grant or gift aid does not need to be repaid. You can earn the work-study award through on-campus or off-campus employment. A Subsidized Direct Loan means that the federal government subsidizes (pays) the interest while you are in school. The same goes for the Federal Perkins Loan, and in addition, the Perkins Loan does not deduct an origination (processing) fee that the Subsidized Direct Loan does.

If you have further questions about financial aid or need help applying, the CU Online Enrollment Team is happy to assist you.

College Opportunity Fund

Do you live in Colorado? Are you pursuing an undergraduate (bachelor’s) degree? The state of Colorado might be able to help you pay part of your tuition!

The University of Colorado, including CU Online, accept tuition payments on behalf of undergraduate, in-state students from the state’s College Opportunity Fund. Depending on your degree program, the state pays a portion of your tuition cost per credit hour.

As always, our Enrollment Navigators are standing by to answer any questions you might have about CU Online tuition, federal loans, or the state’s College Opportunity Fund.


You may be surprised at how many scholarships are available. Scholarship opportunities typically require an application and may have specific eligibility requirements related to a student's:

  • Academic Merit
  • Financial Need
  • Community Service
  • Work History

Scholarships are available for students based on:

  • Gender
  • First generation (neither parent has a four-year degree)
  • Race and ethnic identity
  • Community involvement
  • Major or minor degree program
  • Age
  • Special talents and hobbies
  • Memberships in organizations

Applying for Scholarships

After you have been admitted to the University of Colorado, you will be able to coordinate any scholarships you’ve been awarded via our internal scholarship portal. Once you’re there, you can also view the many funding opportunities offered exclusively to University of Colorado students.